Southam Lions Furniture Sale

Recycled Furniture Update:
We are now able to carry out furniture collections – space allowing.

Furniture contact: Lion Ian on 01926 813737

Ask anyone in Southam what Lions do and inevitably the answer is The Lions Furniture Sale! (Lions do much more besides but here we are concentrating on our Furniture Sales.)

We have sales most months (currently no sales in December, January and February). The sale is always held on the second Saturday of the month- same day as the Farmers Market!

Where is it held?  Behind the Co-op store in the centre of Southam. Lions even put up boards around a lamp post to remind the people!

Why do Lions do it? – Well, Lions are an International Organisation and our catch phrase is ‘To Serve in the Community’. What better way to ‘serve in the community,  than to have a fun Saturday morning engaging with the public and selling furniture so that from the money raised Lions in Southam can help local residents and charities when perhaps donations are deemed necessary.

So why not visit us and have a chat and who knows you may just spot a bargain. We are ‘open’ from 8.30am until 11.45am.